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Experienced lighting, set and video designers, working in concert touring, events, film, television and broadcast.

For further information and to find out how THC Design can enhance your project, please contact us using these details:

Dave Farmer


+44 7973 273977

Dan Hardiman


+44 7973 159355

Dan and Dave met at Reading University in the early 90s and after spending a few years running the University’s lighting club, Technical Services, they formed THC Design to create and light large dance music events in and around the University.

After graduating, their work progressed into European concert touring with bands and by the late 90s, THC were designing world tours for international artists.

Since then, the portfolio has increased from music artists to comedians, university professors, flagship Christmas window displays, shopping malls, major motion pictures, television, live broadcast, art installations, fashion shows…

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2020: The worldwide pandemic we can’t yet see the end of.

For the first time ever we find ourselves with no work.

So it’s time to get on with those neglected tasks that are overlooked when running a business. Finally it’s the website’s turn in the spotlight.

Our thoughts are with those hit hardest at this time. Hoping normality returns with compassion and lessons learned.


Featured Projects: Evanescence / Synthesis

Evanesence take their Synthesis album on tour covering North America, Oceania and Europe.

This continued a design relationship that began with Rock-in-Rio in 2011, with multiple shows/tours since then.






Micky Flanagan's An Another Fing tour goes on a box-office record-breaking run of UK arenas.

We lost count of the sold-out nights at the O2 but we do know Micky sold more tickets than any other spoken performer worldwide in 2017.

Micky Flanagan's An Another Fing...


25 years after the release of their first EP, and 19 years after they broke up, RIDE reformed for a series of tour dates in North America and Europe.

Chats with the band reveal that they used to attend the Spectrum Dance nights in Oxford in the 90s, where Dave and Dan often ran the lights.




Ride, O2 Academy


WholeHog 4 launched

so we Say Hello And Wave Goodbye to the Hog3 fleet and invest in some new technology.

WholeHog 4


The Best of the Happy Mondays Tour

Reforming with the original line up that took Madchester worldwide in the 90s.

Every day brings fresh excitement when you are touring with the Mondays.



Happy Mondays


Cesar Millan

Never work with children and animals.

Utter nonsense! Just make sure you have a professional in charge of the animals or children.

Cesar Millan


Goo Goo Dolls

Four Grammy nominations, 12 million album sales, 2 Greatest Hits albums and the world-conquering signature tune Iris.

This years saw the first, of many, long summers together touring the USA.



The Goo Goo Dolls


Tori Amos

The beginning of a long standing design relationship with Tori Amos on her American Doll Posse tour.

We shall never look at a Sea Breeze cocktail in quite the same way again. Can't say the same for the daily piano tuning though.

Tori Amos



The start of a lengthy production relationship with the British pop/rock band.

Brilliantly penned tunes and young energetic audiences land them the Best Live Act of 2007.




Our first adventure into live comedy with alternative legends Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson on the Weapons Grade Y Fronts Tour.

Paving the way for future projects with arena-selling talent, Ricky Gervais, John Bishop, Micky Flanagan, Bill Bailey, Russell Brand and Jack Whitehall.



The World's best known reggae band and Birmingham's biggest musical export.

The band take us to cities and countries on no other bands’ touring circuits. Bring on monsoons, extreme heat and some ancient lighting kit in these far-flung destinations.






Will Young, the first Pop Idol winner, releases the fastest-selling UK debut single ever.

We head off to the From Now On tour and stay on board for the Fridays Child and Keep On campaigns too.



Will Young


The Area tours were conceived by Moby as a European festival-style tour of North America.

For us, it was our first foray into US sheds and stadiums plus the rare opportunity to have our acts (Moby and OutKast) on the same tour so we could work and hang out together.

2002 saw the Area 2 tour with Moby, David Bowie and Busta Rhymes topping the bill.








Marc Almond and Dave Ball reformed their pop/electro duo in 2001.

Get down to chart hits, Tainted Love, Bed Sitter, Memorabilia, Torch, Say Hello Wave Goodbye and Sex Dwarf.



Soft Cell



The Millennium

Yes it’s the biggest night of the err… Millennium?

There was never better excuse to party so that’s exactly what we did.

Moby live at the Millennium


Following the Glastonbury Dance tent run, Dan heads off with Moby to promote the Play album in small theatres and clubs.

40 million album sales later, we were headlining the Pyramid Stage, Pink Pop and Werchter, with sold out arena shows worldwide.






Moby: Play


Christmas 1998

The first of our world-famous Christmas cards. Beginning the trend for unique Japanese rubber monster based artwork every year.

THC Christmas card


Roni Size introduces Drum'n'Bass to the world, achieving industry recognition winning the Mercury Music Prize.

Our lighting is featured in a BBC special for the first time, and we receive our first televised strobe warning.





Roni Size


Glastonbury Festival

Many shows, all-nighters, all-weekenders and tours later, we decide to do the Glastonbury Dance Tent some justice with a huge lighting rig over the dancefloor.

Dubbed "The Year of Mud", the world's best festival experiences terrible weather but we are in a huge tent hosting some of our favourite acts and designers.

Glastonbury 1997 crowd


Glastonbury 1997 crowd


A while later we get our finest review ever from the legendary David Bowie who commented on his visit to Glasto that year: "I put on a trench coat and hat and stood in the dance tent watching the lights".

Dare we mention the following year Dan watches the sewage sucking truck blow its load into the dance tent mosh pit?!







Glastonbury Festival 1997 poster


Dave takes up residency at the famous London Astoria Theatre.

It's not very theatre. It is very punk and also hosts Europe's biggest gay night. The infamous LA2 is downstairs and, for the adventurous, there's LA3—if you can find it.

The Astoria Theatre

Almost every band has played here. U2, David Bowie, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, Tool, Kylie, Eels, Pet Shop Boys, Moby, Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Libertines, Radiohead, Steve Vai, White Stripes, Blur…

And, when So Solid Crew played there in 2001, some clown even managed to shoot himself in the leg.

Keith Moon Bar

Whilst the venue has been demolished for Crossrail, the legends and stories live on.




Astoria tickets


After two years of partnering together on various design projects, student balls and club nights, we decide to join forces in a more permanent manner.

THC business card

We can be a Limited Company and therefore Company Directors (or any other fancy title we like) for the princely sum of £60.

THC business card


1994 to 1995

Reading University and Emotion

Our long-term relationship with Reading University Students' Union blossoms into the Emotion club nights.

It's a great excuse to host some of the hottest dance acts of the 90s, whilst get our hands on more lighting kit and bringing our arty friends on board.

Terrific fun for crew, clients and attendees.




Emotion promotional designs


Dan graduates University with a First in Mechanical Engineering.

Takes Dave's advice to avoid a real job and keep on lampying. This results in Dan's first tour being with the legendary Hawkwind at a not so legendary point in their career.


Hawkwind Love In Space




Dave graduates University and heads off to his new job in the food industry.

Realises these proper jobs are a bit dull, hands in his notice and returns to Reading to pursue a career as a Lighting Designer full time.

Dan has taken charge of Tech Services and our partnership starts to form.


mortar board lamps


We start working together on shows at University.

Dan has a Vauxhall Chevette so is press-ganged into doing the Michael Jackson fan club party at Hammersmith.

It's a small miracle how much lighting equipment a hatchback can swallow. We later prove a 24-par-can rig can fit in a Fiat Uno, although it's not a good idea or safe.

Vauxhall Chevette




Dan arrives at Reading University and promptly joins Student Union Tech Services.

Dave takes charge of Tech services doing small shows, bar gigs and student balls.

It's not the start of the dream yet though as Dan disappears into a year of having fun away from home


mortar board lamps


Dave enrols at Reading University.

After several months of seeing the same guys at every gig he goes to, he discovers the Student Technical Services Team, who have a small set of lights they set up for shows and performances around campus.

The offer or free entry for plugging some lights in was all the encouragement he needed.

University of Reading shield of arms



Dan is busy at college setting up lights for the theatre and falling off a scaff tower. He decides he is not cut out to work at height.






Dave's first lighting gig

Whilst watching a local band in a barn, the operator/designer says "Here, push these buttons in time to the music for me."

…and he promptly vanishes for the rest of the act.